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Things that need to be changed every once in a while to keep your health safe

Many household items need to be replaced regularly in order to avoid unpleasant consequences, but a lot of them are pretty obvious. You know you need to replace a bouquet of flowers when it starts to wilt, and you know it’s time to replace your kitchen towels when they develop stains or holes.

house cleaning supplies checklist

When was the last time you swapped out your dish sponge for a new one? What about when you last bought new pillows? And can you even remember when the water filter was changed? The truth is, there are probably quite a few things in your home that need replacing you may have forgotten (or don’t even know!) about. And on the flip side, there might even be a few things you’ve been replacing too often that, with proper care, could last you a lot longer.

Dish sponges

Sponges/ Dish sponges: There’s some debate about how often you should be changing your dish sponges. Some say once a week, some say once a month. The answer is, it depends on how often you use it and if you’re cleaning and disinfecting it (which you can do easily in the microwave!). A good rule of thumb is every two to four weeks, according to Well + Good. They can get dirtier than a toilet set in about a month, if you use them daily. So, you should invest in a good set to keep your dishes (actually) clean.

Toilet brushes

Toilet brushes :  Toilet brushes keep your toilet clean, but can host a lot of bacteria and residue. Plastic toilet brushes should be replaced every six months, but you can extend the life of your cleaning brush if you opt for a sustainable wood version. Green cleaning expert, Natalie Wise advises to look for a compostable toilet brush that has a wood or bamboo handle and natural fiber bristles,in general are gross, and they should be changed every six months to a year to insure that they really are doing their job

Makeup brushes :don’t last forever, even if you do take care of them and clean them regularly, so when you start finding the hair falling out or they just look a little worse for wear, take the initiative to get some new ones,Old make-up oxidizes, making the product less useful and possibly off color. In some cases, bacteria can build up and cause eye or skin infections. How often make-up needs to be replaced depends on the type. Mascara and eyeliner are in close contact to your eye and need to be replaced every three months to prevent eye infection or irritation.


Hair Brushes are another item you need to replace depending on how often you use them – they can be breeding grounds for bacteria, so they should be swapped out every six months to a year.

 Razors :get dull over time, and depending on how often you use them, you might need to chance them as often as monthly. Thankfully, Billie takes the guesswork out of that and has a quiz that’ll help you see how often you really should be changing the blades

Shower liners: First thing’s first: You should be washing your shower liner every month, or at least every two to three months,But if you’re not washing it frequently enough, it’s a good idea to replace it after a year, especially if you see any signs of mold or mildew—if you’ve been thorough in your cleaning and it still looks good as new.

Shower head filters :need to be replaced every six months to a year. Look for shower heads and filters that keep viruses, bacteria, and chlorine out of your shower flow. While a good filter can reduce bacteria build up, disinfecting the shower head weekly is also a good idea.

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