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The danger of using phones or reading a magazine in the toilet

Many people can’t imagine life without books or phones and read at least a few pages a day or news in their phones. And good for them! Reading as such has dozens of unquestionable benefits.

man in the toilet phone

There is truth in the popular saying that books and phones are man’s best friend. They are so practical that you can always take them with you and open it while traveling by public transport, in the doctor’s waiting room, on a park bench or while drinking a good coffee, and there is a percentage reading in the toilet.

According to recent US surveys, 63% of people read books, magazines and newspapers in the toilet, but up to 75% take their phone with them. Men most often go after erotic magazines, sports news, and detective stories, women prefer design magazines, tabloids, fashion and romantic stories. And 24% of people say they don’t go to the restroom without any reading material,reading on the toilet causes a spread of diseases. It happens if harmful microorganisms sit on a book and a person who comes into contact with it has weakened immunity. 2009 study says that long sitting on the toilet, for example while reading a book, can cause hemorrhoids stating seated on the toilet for too long can restrict blood flow around the anal area, which can make them worse.

If you’re there for long enough to read half of War and Peace you probably have constipation which causes the piles in the first place, and you should get more fiber in your diet to help ease the passage, so to speak, the logic itself tells us that a bathroom with a toilet is not a very sterile room. You can keep it clean regularly and follow hygiene habits. But small parasites find their way to their favorite places anyway.

Why do you have to stop reading in the bathroom?

What If Someone Else Wants The Bathroom?    

There are other people who need to use the bathroom .  Your family or your team work that might conceivably want to use the toilet for the actual purpose of using the toilet.  It’s no fun for someone to have to hang around outside the bathroom crossing their legs and screwing up their face while shrieking, “I need the toilet!  I need the toilet!” with increasing desperation (well, it is, but not for them). Does he ever think about people that need to make a phone call when he’s using a phone box to change into his costume?  No he bloody doesn’t.  And their phone call might be an emergency.  He’s an inconsiderate bastard.  Essentially, if you read on the toilet you’re just like Superman.

It’s Disgusting Multiplied. 

Having left your excrement all over your book, once you’ve finished it you’ll return it to your library or lend it to a friend or a colleague who’ll probably read it in a normal place like a chair or a bed or something.  So not only are they taking your shit with them into their bed, they could well become ill while reading it.  “I seem to have picked up a horrible stomach bug,”

washing hands

When you take your mobile to the loo with you, you expose it to many germs and salmonella like bacteria. Various hygiene experts have expressed concern over the millennials carrying their tablets to the loo. They say that when you clean your buttocks with your hands while keeping your phone in a make shift arrangement and then hold the phone again, even washing your hands becomes worthless! This is because the bacteria had by then stuck to your mobile, which you hold again after washing your hands.

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