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Daily ponytail can damage our hair

A ponytail is a staple hairstyle for almost every woman. Easy, chic and stylish, a ponytail can be dressed up for a night out or dressed down while running errands or at the gym, ponytails are great for styling ease, they can also be damaging if we are not cautious with how we manage our ponytails and buns.

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your daily ponytail could eventually lead to traction alopecia. This is a type of hair loss caused by breakage due to tight, damaging hairstyles like braids and ponytails. Eventually, these styles can even cause scarring that permanently damages hair follicles. If a hair follicle has not produced a strand in two years or more, the follicle may no longer be viable and your bald spot could be permanent. Yikes! At that point, only surgical hair restoration or daily use of hair loss drugs (such as minoxidil) forever will give you back your hair.

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ponytails can cause damage to your hair

 There are a lot of negative effects that ponytails could have on your hair and body.

Hair loss:

Another major danger of tight ponytails is traction alopecia, or hair loss due to consistent pulling of the hair. Tight ponytails can stress the hair follicles around your hair line and eventually pull out the hairs. Traction alopecia is usually temporary, but if it continues over time, inflammation might cause long-term problems with the follicles and prevent future hair growth.


A more minor yet frustrating side effect of ponytails is the denting of hair. Wearing ponytails in the same location day in and day out can leave a nasty dent in your ‘do that isn’t easily rectified without hot tools and chemicals. This can lead to you wearing more ponytails to camouflage the appearance of the dent, too.

Body damage :

When you sit in an office chair all day, looking at a computer screen, chances are you already deal with your fair share of neck pain and tension. But there could be something else causing that uncomfortable feeling in your neck. In addition to back pain, headaches, migraines, and even scalp pain, wearing your hair back in a tight ponytail every day can also lead to tension in your neck, as noted by Metro. Much like the infamous ponytail headache, a tight or tender neck can also occur if you wear your hair back in a ponytail too often.

Hair tangled :

While many people view the ponytail as a means to an end in terms of keeping it neat, the opposite might just be true. If you wear your hair up in a ponytail every single day, your hair will probably get more tangled than if you left it down, especially if you leave it up in the same ponytail multiple days in a row. A ponytail might be easier to deal with in the short term, but detangling your hair can take forever and can be seriously painful.

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Reduce the damage of ponytail

Despite the dangers ponytails present to our hair, there are numerous ways to rock a stylish ponytail and keep your hair healthy.

Never sleep in a ponytail:

Sleeping with a ponytail in can cause even more harm than during the day. This is because your hair gets pulled while you toss and turn in your sleep, putting extra stress on the follicles. Additionally, you should utilize the night time to let your hair relax and breathe after being styled all day.

Use different hair ties:

Sometimes, the type of hair ties you use for ponytails can do additional damage on your hair. Avoid any hair tie with a metal clasp, since hair can easily get snagged and pulled out. Try using hair ties that are much less harsh on your hair, such as scrunchies or thick, fabric-coated types

Never put ponytail when your hair is wet

When your hair is wet it becomes more porous and susceptible to changes. Brushing your hair or putting it up in a ponytail (or other updo) while it’s wet can snag the hair and cause breakage in the center, resulting in things like hair loss and permanent damage. If you do put your hair in a ponytail, wait until it’s dried before styling it.

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