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People usually talk about what all you SHOULD DO on your tour and forget about informing others what they SHOULDN’T DO, let’s  talk about the things not to do while traveling? With plenty of ideas on what you should do, we’re sharing things you shouldn’t do on your next adventure.

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DON’T limit your travel search to only popular travel portal

Don’t just search the famous sites, expand your horizons and check out domains that are flourishing in the market even if they aren’t that popular yet. You’re likely to find awesome deals and offers on such portals as compared to the biggies.

DON’T eat near tourist attractions

Restaurants near tourist attractions always have the most expensive prices and the worst food! Walk down the side streets near the tourist attraction and you’re bound to find better food at much better prices!

DON’T always take public transportation

While traveling, walking is the best form of exercise! Aside from burning off the calories from the delicious pastry you had in the morning, often you’ll find the best secrets of a city when walking around! – Like when we found this amazing sushi place or this killer restaurant in Paris. You’ll save some extra cash, and enjoy the location more by walking a few miles here and there!

DON’T forget your necessity bag

Never leave on a trip without your bag of necessities! Having all the traveling essentials in one pack will ensure you’re ready for anything!

DON’T take taxis

Taxis will kill your budget. With public transportation and apps like Uber or Lyft, paying for a taxi is not the way to go! Aside from killing your budget, taxi’s don’t give you the local feel. If you want to travel like a local and really experience the culture where you’re heading, jump on the local bus or metro instead!

DON’T limit your travel search to only popular travel portal

Don’t just search the famous sites, expand your horizons and check out domains that are flourishing in the market even if they aren’t that popular yet. You’re likely to find awesome deals and offers on such portals as compared to the biggies.

DON’T be addicted to your smart phones

You’re on a vacation to have fun . Leave the constant urge to check your phone behind or you’ll not be able to enjoy where you currently are. Social Media check-ins, chats, and your office chores can wait. The only kind of technology you should include in your packing list are your travel gadgets, like camera and charger adapter.

DON’T Fly Everywhere

If flying is the fastest way to get around, it also means you miss out on a lot of scenery along the way. Consider flying the longest distances, but then opting for trains or buses to make shorter trips. You may not cover as much distance, but you’ll get a much more in-depth appreciation of the area you’re exploring.

DON’T Take Pictures Without Asking for Permission

You might not think twice about snapping a picture, but not everyone shares your view. If you’re taking pictures of people in other countries, always ask for permission first, even if you’re in a public place. It will avoid any hassle and is a great way to strike up a conversation (or a hand-gesture interaction) with local people, too

DON’T be Ignorant of Local Customs

There’s just no excuse these days. Not being at least minimally aware of the most important cultural norms and rules in the country you’re visiting is not just ignorant, it’s also dangerous, as breaking these rules could potentially land you in trouble with the authorities or locals.

Many times you find it difficult to convince your cat to eat, when they are not feeling well or stressed, they may suffer from a lack of appetite. So people need to try them to eat ,cats suddenly decide they don’t want to eat a certain food or treat anymore. But sometimes a cat stops eating for a more serious reason. There may be things you can do at home to help your cat regain its appetite, but sometimes veterinary intervention is necessary, so what can you do to help your cat to eat? 

sick cat

Respiratory problems

Intestines, pancreas, or other parts of its digestive system may cause it to stop eating. Your cat may also vomit and have diarrhea or abdominal pain alongside digestive issues. But usually, a decrease in appetite will be one of the first signs of a digestive system problem. Issues can range from acid reflux, tumors, an imbalance of intestinal bacteria, parasites, irritable bowel disease, and other problems.

Playing objects

Some cats like to eat things that they shouldn’t ingest or develop hairballs, all of which may become stuck in the stomach or intestines.3 A foreign body stuck in your cat is then referred to as an obstruction. An obstruction won’t let food pass through the digestive tract and therefore your cat may vomit, then most likely stop eating. Some foreign bodies can pass through your cat’s system, simply causing some vomiting and diarrhea, but also a lack of appetite. Cats love to play with string, yarn, and the like. But this brings with it the risk that your cat will eat the string, which can lead to serious complications in some cases. As a cat caregiver, you need to be aware of the dangers of string ingestion and the signs that the string is still in your cat’s gastrointestinal tract.

So what should the owner do to encourage their cats to eat?

cat eating

Security, the owner have ensure the cat to feel comfortable and security. 

Smaller meals throughout the day may seem counter-intuitive, but it can actually encourage your cat to eat. If your cat doesn’t have a large appetite, it may be overwhelmed by a large bowl of food.

Attention. Some cats want attention when they’re eating. Try stroking your cat and talking soothingly to it while it’s eating. You can also try a bit of petting if your cat is near the bowl but not eating. This tactic won’t work with every cat, though, so if your cat seems disturbed by the attention, leave it alone.

 Wipe the cat’s nose. If the cat has been sick, it may not be smelling very well. Wiping the cat’s nose and trying to remove discharge may help it smell better. In turn, it may be more interested in food because it can smell it.

Hand feed the cat. A cat who hasn’t been interested in food may be more inclined to eat if you hand feed it. For canned food, you can put a little on your finger and offer it to the cat. For dry food, place a bit in your hand, and hold it out for the cat to eat.

You might consider your dog to be an especially clever and smart creature. But have you ever found yourself wondering how conscious and self-aware your dog is? Are dogs highly sentient?

Smart dog

Well, we can say that dogs are feeling like us , but did you know that they are very sensitive? In this article we will talk about our importance as human in building a dog’s personality.

Most dog owners don’t have too much trouble answering that question.  We love our dogs and consider them family members.  In fact, a recent USA Today study revealed that almost 70% of people talk to their dogs, carrying on conversations like they are people.  While we may “own” our dogs, we consider ourselves caregivers

dog is acting like human

even giving our dogs better care than some other family members! We comfort our dogs when they are stressed from a thunderstorm, we perceive their smiles when they are happy to see us, and we know they experience the pain of arthritis in older age.

Behavior shaping

Dogs acting like humans is usually comical and there are endless videos online to prove our fascination with it, but at the same time, do you ever wonder why your dog is behaving like a human?

Dogs are great at mimicking behaviors, picking up emotional cues, and being conditioned to behave, there is a lot more your dog does than you might realize. Dogs who behave like their humans also have some interesting characteristics; they could have been chosen because they have physical attributes similar to their human. Research shows that humans gravitate toward dogs that remind them of themselves.

It’s not always the case, but researchers observed that an overweight person will have an overweight dog or a human’s looks will match their dog’s. There’s a good chance this isn’t a conscious decision and is more common with purebred dogs, but people tend to find similar characteristics with their pup. If you combine their looks with the ability to mimic, you could have a dog who is the canine version of you. Dogs not only mimic their fellow canine’s behavior when being trained, but they are also shown to mimic human behavior. Research has shown that if a human demonstrated a task for a dog, the dog could still complete the task by mimicking a human.

The role of the emotional between the dog and its owner

human and dog

  Dogs not only mimic behavior, but they can sense your emotions through social eavesdropping. Dogs watch their humans often and have observed what works and doesn’t work. They are in tune with people’s emotions and facial expressions; the closer bond a dog and human have, the more likely the dog is to mimic. This is also called emotional contagion. Research has shown that if you have a personality trait like laid back or neurotic, your dog will mimic that trait, too.

Can dogs care about me ?

human hug dog

It should come as no surprise to pet lovers that dogs do indeed care about their owners, but what is surprising is how perceptive they are of the little things that impact you and your well-being. Research shows that dogs may be able to tell when their owners are being snubbed by someone else, and they in turn act coldly toward the people doing the dissing. In the experiment, dogs watched as their owners asked for help and either were rudely ignored or received aid.

The overwhelming majority of the dogs whose owners didn’t receive help ignored food offered to them by the person who had snubbed their human. Scientists say this is likely a form of social eavesdropping, or the use of information collected by observing interactions between others, and it shows that your dog has your back.